About Us

The Zion Baptist Church (ZBC) Bonaberi was created in 1990 following authorization from the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC). It was created following the need for a church to serve the growing English speaking community in Douala, precisely in Bonaberi.

That vision has now grown to knowing and serving the body of Christ in Cameroon, Africa and Worldwide.

Cameroon is an African country located in Central Africa and consists of 10 provinces. ZBC is located in Douala, Cameroon’s economic capital and the headquarters of the Littoral province. In Douala, ZBC is located in Douala IV precisely in the Ndobo / Ngwele area. ZBC serves three main areas namely Ndobo / Ngwele, Mambanda Beseke and Mission Grand Hangar. It has other mission areas in Mbanga and Bipele. The total surface area covered by ZBC is estimated at 1.500m2.

The ZBC is one of the 28 churches found within the Douala Association, which is under the Limbe field of Cameroon Baptist Convention.

The ZBC has a Pastor, a Board of Deacons and the following functional committees.

  • Trustees
  • Evangelism / mission
  • Praise / worship
  • Finance
  • Ushers / sanitation
  • Social committee
  • Men’s Fellowship
  • Women’s Union
  • Children’s ministry
  • Youths Fellowship
  • Francophone Ministry
  • Others

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  1. Missom urbanis
    Missom urbanis May 15, 2017 at 10:47 am | | Reply

    I thank God for this church for has been the source of my spiritual growth. I was baptized in this church since 30 may 2016, and till today I still serve the Lord there. Thanks for being a member, may the lord bless you

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