Our Achievements

Since its creation, the ZBC through her committed Christians has registered considerable achievements:

  • One of the achievements of the ZBC has been the ability to raise funds locally usually by the Christians for the realization of their projects. The existing structures have been constructed with funds raised by the Christians through appeal letters, pledge forms, free will donation and offerings.
  • Over the years, the trustees committee has developed a track record in the management of construction tenders and monitoring / evaluation of work done.
  • In 1992, a small church building with a capacity of 200 was built. Due to population growth in 1994, they embarked on the construction of a larger structure and had to start using this uncompleted structure in 1996. The 1992 structure now serves to promote the children ministry.
  • The church building that was started in 1994 though not yet fully completed provides a convenient environment for worship. This structure is used throughout the week for a range of activities such as bible studies, prayer sessions, wing activities, Sunday school ; culminating with 2 services on Sunday one for Francophones and the other for Anglophones.
  • In addition to bible studies in the church, such activities are also carried out in the various quarters. This has been an effective way of sharing the word especially with those who do not have the opportunity to go to church.
  • The entire land of the ZBC which measures about 1.500 m2 is totally fenced thus reinforcing the security of the area.
  • ZBC with a membership of around 600 Christians has been able to create Prayer Groups through church planting activities in 7 suburbs. Four of these communities have a Pastor paid for by the ZBC and one dedicated for the Francophone Ministry. More Pastors are being envisaged for the rest of the Prayer Groups while more groups will be opened.
  • ZBC over the years has been organizing crusades which brings together believers from and beyond the Douala This has been a very instrumental evangelization tool promoting experience and information sharing.
  • In addition to the evangelical achievements mentioned above, ZBC has also been active in taking care of the needy such as orphans, widowed and disabled in the society.

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  1. nchinda paul
    nchinda paul February 21, 2015 at 5:15 pm | | Reply

    the bible makes me to nkow that the GOD we serve is one of little beginings i pray he who took the israelite from egypt through the desert to land them in cannan may he see you through in JESUS name AMEN

  2. Alejandriitha
    Alejandriitha December 30, 2015 at 1:14 pm | | Reply

    Le premier livre de Mongo Beti que j’ai lu fut “Der arme Christ von Bomba”, la trotdcuian allemande du “Pauvre christ de Bomba”. C’e9tait en 1995. Une re9ve9lation ! Un roman ironique, des fois meame sarcastique. Peu apre8s, j’ai lu “La France contre l’Afrique”, un essai qui n’a rien perdu depuis sa parution en 1993 ! La pertinence des propos me frappe encore aujourd’hui.J’aime bien cette remarque f4 si vraie :”La coope9ration franco-africaine, c’est l’introduction en Afrique de ce que l’on a appelle9 ailleurs la re9publique bananie8re…”. Et il avait bien compris ce que Haiti et le continent africaine ont en commun. Mais Mongo Beti fut un vrai afro-optimiste : “Osons dire plus : toutes les chances du continent noir demeurent intactes, comme on s’en apercevra bientf4t quand les dictateurs psychopathes, si longtemps choye9s par l’e9tranger, auront disparu, ce qui ne saurait plus tarder.” Bon, on attend encore mais Africa is the future !D’ailleurs, en 2007 Gallimard- Continnents Noirs a publie9 les essais de Mongo Beti en trois volumes : Le Rebelle I-III. A lire !La lionne

  3. Missom urbanis
    Missom urbanis May 15, 2017 at 10:56 am | | Reply

    I prophecy in your life that as you respond in this website, God will free you from your problems, troubles and sickness just as the way he gave freedom from the hands of the Egyptian. In Jesus name Amen

  4. Missom urbanis
    Missom urbanis May 15, 2017 at 10:59 am | | Reply

    I prophecy in your life that as you respond in this website, God will free you from your problems, troubles and sickness just as the way he gave freedom from the hands of the Egyptian. In Jesus name Amen.
    For he said “The Egyptians you today, you shall see them no more

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