Revamped Quarter Bible Study Cells “Kick Off”

Quarter Bible Study Cells “kick off for 2015”

Beloved sisters and brothers of Zion Baptist Church Bonaberi,

Our newly revamped Bible Study Cells in the Quarters which is a new and optimized approach to enable us “launch deeper in knowledge and in practice” of the Word of God as we get into our “year of greater celebration” started last Tuesday January 13, 2015. Deacons of the church are teachers and yet to be assigned assistants to make up for any case of nonavailability. The lesson for our Bible Study Cells is nothing but the Holy Bible. We began with the New Testament and the Gospel of Matthew being the first. For those who never attended their Cell, here is a synopsis of the background of the lesson from Washington Bible Study Cell

…….The Gospel of Matthew was written by Matthew which means “gift of God!” Matthew was a tax collector who never had a second thought about his job and status when Christ called him as a disciple. After the death of Christ, Matthew then got the appellation “Apostle” for taking time to write the first book of the New Testament which scholars attributes its rightful date of publication being AD 60 as recorded in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark. the main or central theme of this Gospel is: 1) introduction of the genealogy (family background) of Jesus Christ; 2) the person of Jesus Christ; 3) the ministry of Jesus Christ; 4) the fulfillment of the OT prophecy through Jesus Christ; and lastly 5) the confirmation of Jesus Christ as the Son of God. The Gospel of Matthew had its purposes which include: 1) to reaffirm the Lordship and or Messiah-ship of Jesus Christ ; and 2) to contrast the religion of the religious leadership of Israel (under King Nero) with the grace and truth revealed through Jesus Christ (the Way, the Truth, and the Life)…….

If you have truly been blessed please make it a “Christian duty” by taking active part in your Quarter Cell. Stay focused on Jesus Christ through the study of the Word and join the fold in celebrating our “Year of Greater Celebration.”

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